2024 NRR Rules and Information


From 00:00 UTC March 2, 2024 through 23:59 UTC on March 10. REGISTRATION: There is no pre-registration for Novice Rig Roundup. Simply report your totals at the end of the event here: NRR Score Submissions SUGGESTED CQ: CQ NRR BANDS: Allowed bands are 80m, 40m, 15m, 10m and 2m SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES: Around: 3550 - 3650 kHz 3579, 7055, 7060, 7080, 7100 - 7125 kHz 21.114, 21.120, 21.150 MHz 28.114, 28.120 MHz 144.085 and 144.450MHz CW and AM where allowed. Literally anywhere that you have a crystal for, of course! Operate CW anywhere that it is legal for your license class in these 5 bands. USE OF NOVICE ERA Frequencies suggested where possible. USE: 3550-3650 (closest we can get now!) and 7100-7125 kHz Plus 21.100 - 21.200 MHz and 28.100 MHz - 28.200 MHz IF YOU'RE CQing, DON'T FORGET TO SCAN RECEIVE UP AND DOWN A BIT. A ROCK-BOUND STATION MAY BE RETURNING YOUR CALL! MODE: CW/A1. Use of mechanical keying is encouraged, but certainly not mandatory. CLASSES OF STATIONS: **CLASS ONLY REFERS TO YOUR STATION. You mnay run more than one class of station in the event.** NOVICE-1 A Novice-1 station is a Novice-era transmitter using PA input power of 75 watts or less and under crystal frequency control NOVICE-2 A Novice-2 Station is a period appropriate transmitter/transceiver with VFO and 250 watts, or less, input. EXCHANGE: Call, Name, QTH. Optional: Rig, NRR Number SAMPLE EXCHANGE: N3PDT - CQ NRR AF4K - N3PDT DE AF4K N3PDT - AF4K DE N3PDT GA ES TNX CALL BT UR RST 559C QTH MO NAME DOUG BT HW CPY? BK AF4K - R ES TNX DOUG BT UR RST 569K QTH FL ES NAME BRY BT RIG HR HB TX 6AG7 TO 807 FNL XTAL CNTL N3PDT DE AF4K N3PDT - FB BRY UR HB SOUNDS GOOD WID A LIL CHIRP BT TNX K ILL WRK ON CLICK BT RIG HR DX40 WID XTAL TO 148FT INV L ABT 40W OUT BT MY NRR NR 9 BK AF4K - FB DOUG MY NRR NR 1 BT TNX QSO ES CU SN OM 73 N3PDT DE AF4K K N3PDT - R FB BRY TNX AND BCNU SN GL ES 73 AF4K DE N3PDT So just have QSOs with other folks and exchange info about your stations amd report your totals at the end. SCORING: Simply fill out the Submissions Form here: NRR Score Submissions You will not do any of the calculations, but this is the formula that the spreasheets will use to determine score: 1 point per QSO 3 points per Novice 1 QSO 2 points per Novice 2 QSO Bonus = (Aggregate Novice 1 & 2 Points) X (SPC Count) SPC =(S)tate, (P)rovince, (C)ountry Total = (Aggregate Novice 1 & 2 Poins) + (Bonus) + (Total QSOs) ALL THE ABOVE SCORING IS COMPUTED BY SPREADSHEET CALCS. SIMPLY FILL OUT REPORT, AND THE SCORING IS COMPUTED FOR YOU. SPC: SPC stands for State, Province, Country. You may count an individual SPC only once per band over the entire event.
Example: if you work CA on 10, 15, 40, and 80 meters, that counts as four SPC CLASS NOTE: YOU WILL NOT ENTER THE OTHER STATION'S RIG INFO OR CLASS. YOU WILL ONLY REPORT WHAT CLASS YOU OPERATED DURING THE EXCHANGE. DUPLICATES: Dupes ARE allowed. This is now an honor-based scoring system. We ask that dupes be kept to one per day per band for each station you log. SPOTTING, SKED PAGES, SOCIAL MEDIA: Spotting, sked pages and social media for announcing frequencies, and arranging contacts is approved and highly encouraged for NRR. LOGS: The 2024 NRR Score Report Form is the only method of "turning in your log". Sorry, no paper logs, index cards or cocktail napkin logs accepted - in fact, NO logs are accepted. AWARDS: Award certificates to top scoring stations.
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